Cost Effective Factory & Warehouse Cooling – Concept Edition 11

As summer approaches, air temperatures within factories and warehouses will begin to rise, resulting in unacceptable working conditions for employees. The situation is made worse by the fact that modern buildings are designed to limit thermal loss during winter periods, becoming even more critical when the buildings serve as production facilities.
Many people feel that the most effective way of reducing high working temperatures is to install air cooling systems, however this is not necessarily the case in warehouses and industrial facilities. The most effective method of reducing internal temperatures is to remove the heat either at source or through a general ventilation system (such a roof extraction fans). It is a false economy to utilise cooling energy to combat heat energy, as this demands larger equipment and higher running costs.
Heat extraction systems will however never be able to reduce internal temperatures to below outside conditions, as they rely on the outside air to provide the cooling effect. In instances where internal temperatures need to be below external conditions, a cooling system is then required.
There are two widely available options for factory cooling, namely refrigerant air conditioning and evaporative cooling. Refrigerant air conditioning is usually considered unfeasible due to the large capital and running costs. These systems are generally only utilised where internal temperatures are to be kept within strict limits, especially in certain food and electronics industries. Evaporative cooling is a fast growing alternative to air conditioning, as it is able to meet the demands of facility cooling without large capital and running costs.
Evaporative cooling systems rely on a well known thermodynamic principle called adiabatic cooling. This type of cooling is achieved by passing the incoming air across wet humidification mats – the heat in the air is transferred to the water, resulting in temperatures decreases of up to 12oC.
Evaporative cooling systems are known for their low capital and running costs (only fan power and water supply required) and ease of maintenance. Large fresh air volumes are also achieved with no air recirculation, meaning stale factory air is replenished at a high rate.
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