Solution: Reverse Jet Cartridge Filter

Client: Performance Car Manufacturer


The Client is a UK manufacturer high performance cars for both road and Formula 1. Part of the manufacturing process involves the rapid production of prototype moulds. These parts are produced using state-of-the-art rapid prototyping machines.


MECHON designed and project managed an advanced dust extraction system to provide protection to employees to prevent inhalation of hazardous aluminium and titanium  based dusts. This mixture of  dusts was deemed explosive, so specific safety features were required to ensure compliance with the Atex Directive. The system comprised dedicated booths, designed to allow employees to break open the moulds within a contained enclosure and preventing dusts from escaping to the workplace. Secondary hoods with automated extract facility were supplied to allow re-filling of the mould canisters. A high-efficiency, reverse-jet cartridge filter was installed to clean the air and allow recirculation back into the workplace. A Fike explosion suppression system and chemical barrier was fitted to the filter to mitigate the risk of a dust explosions and ensure compliance with DSEAR.