Solution: Environmental Control Booth

Client: Performance Car Manufacturer Woking


The Client manufactures high performance road cars and Formula 1 racing cars UK. MECHON was commissioned to design an environmental control booth (ECB) to control dusts and fumes generated during the cutting and grinding of carbon fibre components within the research and development department. The design remit proved very restrictive when considering space limitations, ATEX, noise control, and lighting.

The final concept design resulted in an environmental dust control booth with three-stage filtration—absolute filters being used on the final stage. The selection of disposable filters meant that no explosion relief or suppression is required. A series of mixed flow fans were utilised to achieve a cross flow velocity of 0.7m/s . Mixed flow fans are used to ensure a continued booth operation even with high dust loading on the filter elements. The filtered air is re-circulated back into the room after attenuation through splitter type silencers, ensuring that noise levels do not exceed 75dB(A) when the booth is in operation. A bespoke electrical control panel monitors that filter bank and the airflow rate of all fans, ensuring that employees are protected at all times.