Solution:                        CVC System

Client:                              Akzo Nobel

Akzo Nobel (ICI Paints) is one of the largest producers of speciality coatings and paints in the world. As part of the their commitment to a sustainable environment, ICI have developed a range of solvent-free paints.

The client commissioned a new production facility on the Slough site to manufacture the new product range. MECHON was awarded the contract for the design and project manage of all dust control and ventilation systems, needed to ensure a safe and comfortable working environment.

A centralised vacuum cleaning system (CVC System) was installed to safely remove any powders containing hazardous substances from the facility. The CVC system comprises various fixed hose connection points into which employees can connect a combination of cleaning tools. The each connection points was in turn connected to a system of fixed ERW pipework spanning the plant at high level. A high efficiency cartridge filter was utilised with final stage HEPA filter. The cartridge filter relies on reverse-jet cleaning of the filter elements to ensure a continuous 24/7 operation. A side-channel exhauster was selected to provide the required extraction rates at the tools. The unit was fitted with an acoustic housing and silencer to ensure reduced noise levels to the surrounding area.