Solution:  Food Standard Dust Extract

Client:        Molson Coors Brewing Co.


MECHON was commissioned to design and project manage a new dust extraction in the Client’s Brewery Filter Room. An existing dust extraction system was in place but it was found to be non-compliant with the CoSHH Regulations (2004).  This was due primarily to the design extracting dust-laden air into the operator’s breathing zone.

MECHON paid particular attention to the design of the hoods on all powder-mixing vessels to ensure a face velocity of 1m/s was achieved across all openings.  With careful design, and at the Client’s request, the existing shaker filtration unit was able to be re-used saving a considerable extra investment. A system of stainless steel clipped ductwork was installed along with electrically actuated dampers and a control panel to provide automated control and monitoring of the system. This setup also help reduce energy usage by utilising air on where and when it was needed.

An immediate and considerable improvement in air quality was observed by the operating staff demonstrating the importance of good design on effective dust extraction LEV systems.