Solution: Evaporative Cooling Systems

Client:             Coca Cola Enterprises


Ambient temperatures in excess of 35oC were being experienced by the Client within the facility. The facility was also under a large negative pressure, not conducive to food production. The existing ventilation systems were shown to be ineffective, resulting in an uncomfortable working environment for staff. Controls and monitoring of ventilation systems were also inadequate (or non-existing).

MECHON was commissioned to design and project manage supply and extract systems to overcome the issues raised. Air is introduced to the facility through two evaporative cooling units and four separate general supply AHU’s. Transfer fans are  positioned within division walls of the facility, to ensure all area receive the full distribution of air. Roof fans were installed to remove any excess warm air at high level. A central management control panel is installed with plc control and HMI display. The unit ensures that all systems are carefully monitored for faults and their operation limited when temperatures within the building remained below the set point level.

The design now ensures that temperatures within the facility do not exceed 23oC , the building remains under positive pressure, and the Client is able to carefully predict planned maintenance.