Solution: Evaporative Cooling Systems



Ambient temperatures in excess of 45oC were being experienced within picking towers, located within the main warehouse facility. The high temperatures were caused by excessive heat loads generated by people, lighting and mechanical conveyors.  Existing ventilation systems were shown to be ineffective at creating a comfortable working environment for staff .

MECHON was commissioned to design project manage heat extraction and supply air cooling systems to overcome the issues raised. Air conditioning and evaporative cooling systems where considered as potential solutions. It was agreed that evaporative cooling would be most cost effective and energy efficient way forward, when considering that maximum acceptable temperatures within the workplace could be up to 25oC.

Evaporative cooling systems were installed to supply cool air to four mezzanine levels within the pick tower. The chilled air was discharged onto each floor through a series of diffusers mounted within an extensive ductwork system. A series of roof ventilation fans were also installed to extract warm air from the building (with the make-up air coming from the cooling systems). Temperatures are controlled using an advance electrical control panel with plc functionality. The control system ensures that air is re-circulated back into the building during winter months and the evaporative coolers only begin operating when the external ambient temperature exceeds a preset level.

Temperatures within the tower have since never exceeded 24oC, resulting in enhanced storage conditions for product and improved working conditions for the employees. The Client has since commissioned MECHON to apply the same solution of other Amazon sites.