Solution:  Heating & Ventilation System

Client:        Viridor Waste Management


Viridor Waste Management provides materials recycling facilities to local authorities, diverting waste from landfill sites.

Waste is sorted into designated areas, dependant on its composition. The sorting process involves bulk waste travelling at high speeds within an enclosed sorting plant.

The Client required pressurisation of the work area to reduce airborne dust levels from the external yard and provide clean air breathing zones for staff working alongside the conveyor system.

The introduction of ventilation required that any incoming air be filtered through primary and final stage filters, located within the air handling unit.

The plant also lacked heating for winter months; this, coupled with the fact that additional external air would be introduced to the area, resulted in the requirement for a heating coil to be added to the system.

The client experienced a dramatic reduction in dust levels within the area with some staff removing their respiratory protection equipment. Internal ambient air temperatures remained constant at 21 degrees Celsius in the winter months.