Solution: Gas-Fired Heating Systems

Client:                         Charpak Group

Charpak is a leading manufacturer of vacuum formed packaging products, supplying to large supermarkets, DIY outlets, and retail chains.

The production plant comprises a series of vac-forming machines, requiring personnel intervention for loading and unloading. The area requires a warm climate during winter periods for staff to operate, to ensure compliance with heath and safety legislation.

Existing heating systems were found to be both ineffective and unreliable, resulting in the need for a complete replacement.

MECHON was awarded the contract to design and project manage complete new heating systems that are able to maintain a constant temperature within the workplace, whilst offering durability.

The project entailed the installation of series of high level gas-fired fired heaters with integral axial fans, blowing warm towards the operator stations. The heaters comprised stainless steel tubular heat exchangers, guaranteeing resistance to the aggressive nature of the polymer fumes, which are emitted during the vac-forming process.

All heaters are listed on the Carbons Trust’s Energy Technology List. Only products on this list meet the stringent energy efficiency requirements of the Trust, allowing the client to claim a tax rebate from the HMRC.