Solution:  Laboratory Air Conditioning

Client:              Scott Bader Company


Scott Bader are a chemical company that specialise in the development and manufacture of specialist resins and compounds used primarily in the composites industry.

MECHON was commissioned to design and project manage new heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and LEV systems in one of the Client’s specialist testing laboratories. An existing extraction system was in place which could be partially reused for the LEV system, however the requirement for closed temperature, humidity and airflow control within the room necessitated the design and installation of a brand new air handling unit complete with distribution ducting.

MECHON paid particular attention to the design of the LEV hoods in the testing  area to ensure a face velocity of 0.5m/s was achieved across all openings, but that the air velocity was managed carefully to ensure that the test pieces were kept within the limits required for the testing that is carried out within the laboratory. The air conditioning unit allowed to the closed control of the laboratory temperature to ±1ºC and humidity to ±3%RH ensuring that the air quality conditions required by the chemical testing standards are easily met. A system of ductwork was designed and installed along with outlet grilles to ensure controlled outlet air velocities and consequently this ensured that air velocities within the room were kept within the limits defined by the chemical testing standards.