Solution: Pneumatic Waste Extraction

Client: Portsmouth Publishing & Print


The client commissioned MECHON to design and project manage a new, fully automated waste extraction system to accommodate an increase in production on their site.

The system is designed to extract waste from two Muller Martini Prima Saddle Stitchers.

The system was complicated slightly due to the client’s need to discharge the trim waste into one of two collection bins. This meant that two air separators were required in the system and a common pneumatic diverter for diverting airflow to the respective separator.

The waste is extracted from purpose designed hoods, fitted to the discharge end of the stitcher waste chute. A system of high-level, flanged ductwork connects the hoods to the final discharge point.

The systems are powered by chopper fans, which are designed to break the waste as is passes through the fan impeller, before being blown further down the system to the air separator. The fans are fitted with spring loaded inlets and high-tensile chopping blades on the impellers.

System components in brief:


  • 2 x 11kW Chopper fans
  • 2 x 0.37kW balance fans
  • 2 x 500mm wide air separators