Solution:      Waste Extraction System

Client:                    Andrews Finishing


Andrews Finishing commissioned MECHON to design and project manage a new, fully automated waste extraction system as part of their relocation to a new site in Iver.

The system is designed to extract waste from the following equipment:

  • New Muller Martini Corona C13 Perfect Binder (18,000cpm)
  • New Muller Martini CC12 Perfect Binder (12,000cpm)
  • Refurbished Muller Martini CC12 Perfect Binder (12,000cpm)
  • Existing Muller Martini Prima Saddle Stitcher
  • Seven existing Stahl and MBO Folders


MECHON were to overcome difficult design issues relating to long ductwork runs, large air volume requirements, substantial heat loss, and large amounts of dust generation by the equipment (both CC12 binders are fitted with book saws).The resulting system design ensured automated extraction of waste into a dual compactor system, guaranteeing an uninterrupted, 24 hour operation, with 300kW savings in heating bills during winter months by reintroducing the filtered conveying air back into the facility via two air curtains.

System components briefly include:

  • 2 x 55kW Chopper fans & 1 x 37kW Chopper Fan
  • 45 kW Booster Fan
  • Four meter wide Separator
  • 225m2 Reverse Jet Filtration Unit
  • Three meter long Rotary Airlock
  • Dust transfer system
  • High capacity Dust Briquetter