Solution: Reverse Jet Dust Extraction

Client: Transport Research Laboratory


TRL provides world class research, consultancy and testing for all aspects of transportation. Part of the service that TRL offers is the development on new road surfaces and pavements. The client utilises a variety of concrete mixers, asphalt mixers and curing ovens to undertake this work. These processes release hazardous substances to the environment, posing a risk to employees. Existing LEV systems were found to be non-compliant with the CoSHH Regulations and associated guidance notes (HSG37).

MECHON were commissioned to design and project manage new systems to improve employee safety. The dust systems incorporated pulse jet filter (reverse jet filtration) with recirculation systems for heat recovery. Particular attention was placed on the design of hoods, offering the most effective and efficient level of extraction from all points. A new hood was fitted over the curing ovens with integral supply and extract system, offering the greatest protection, with minimal effects to the existing air conditioning system within the laboratory. Electric actuators were fitted in various branch ducts enabling the operator to select an extraction point corresponding to the equipment in use, once gain reducing overall capital and running costs.