Solution: Reverse-Jet Dust Extraction

Client: Lafarge Roofing Technical Centre

MECHON were commissioned to design and project manage a new dust control system in the client’s clay preparation area.

An existing system was in place, however it was found to be non-compliant with the CoSHH Regulations 2004, due to high Workplace Exposure Limits (WEL’s) and low ductwork conveying velocities.

MECHON paid particular attention to the design of the hoods on all preparation equipment, including mills, crushers, sieves, and weigh scales. The intricate design of the hoods resulted in efficient extraction from all points, reducing the need for a large ductwork system and filtration unit.

Electric actuator controlled dampers were positioned in various branches along the system, enabling the operator to select an extraction point corresponding to the equipment in use. This technology once again reduced overall capital and running costs.

The dust-laden air was conveyed to a envelope baghouse filter unit. This unit utilises reverse-jet cleaning technology to ensure consistent extraction rates and extended element life.