MECHON is a leading design consultancy for high quality fume extraction and filtration systems within the UK. What makes MECHON unique is our ability to design fume extraction systems for a variety of industries, from high-tech sectors such as aerospace, pharmaceutical and defence, to more the traditional industries as steelmaking and general fabrication.

Our primary aim is to develop high quality, cost effective and energy efficient local exhaust ventilation (LEV) solutions, which fully comply with the COSHH and DSEAR (Atex) Regulations.

MECHON offers an all-encompassing consultancy service that complements our innovative designs. We provide consultancy only solutions or we able to provide management functions from the design phase right though to final commissioning.


Ducted Dust Extraction Systems

Localised extraction through purpose designed hoods, all connected into a common ducted system and either discharged to atmosphere or filtered using specialised abatement plant.
Steel, Metalworking and General Fabrication– Extraction of welding fumes through articulated arms. Metal Machining – Extraction and filtration of oil and coolant mist from lathes, routers and milling machines. Waste Recycling – Localised extraction of odours from hoppers, dryers, and storage of organic waste. General Manufacturing of Glass Fibre ProductsExtraction of styrene vapours laying up and curing process. Food Production – Extraction of fumes and odours from baking ovens, extruder (including steam), meat and produce processing rooms. Plastics and Polymers – Extraction and filtration of rubber and polymer fumes from compression moulding presses, injection moulder, ovens and plastic welding extraction arms.
Fume Control Booths
Removal of vapours and paint spray within an enclosure environment and allowing the fumes to be drawn away form the worker. The air is generally drawn into the rear plenum of the booth and filtered before re-entering the workplace or being discharged to atmosphere.
Automotive – Filtration of solvents from paint spraying and body repair shops. Ship/Boat Building – Removal of styrene and paint vapours from hull manufacture and repair activities. Aerospace & Defence – Metal spraying (thermal spraying) of aircraft and defence steel components, application of a mould release agent for carbon composite products, component paint spraying.
On Torch Welding Extraction
High velocity extraction of welding fumes at source. The most effective and efficient way to extract welding fumes and associated gases from welding torches. Negates the need for for high capacity extraction systems and allows full movement of the welder without the need to move cumbersome hoods.
Steel, Metalworking and General Fabrication– Extraction of welding fumes from welding torches where work is a carried our over large spaces and or very large components .Plastics.

Downdraft Bench Dust Extraction

Removal of fume from multiple sources or over an area requiring extensive operator movement. Ideal for processes where the welding and brazing work is carried out on a workbench.
Automotive, Aerospace and other metalworking industries – Welding and brazing of smaller metal components.