The pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest and fastest growing industry sectors in the UK, with one in every five of the world’s biggest selling prescription drugs being developed here. The UK’s expenditure on pharmaceutical research and development has consistently been one of the highest in the world and is expected to grow further with the improvement of medical care and the need for stronger and better medicines.


The production and distribution of chemical and pharmaceutical products can often result in environments that can be hazardous to operatives – common factors that need considering are chemical reactions between components that could result in explosive or hazardous reactions. To ensure the final product is safe to use, it is also vitally important that a clean, COSHH working environment is maintained to avoid contamination.


MECHON have co-operated with a number of successful chemical and pharmaceutical companies to provide custom-designed and project managed ISO-rated clean room enclosures, fume cupboard systems and testing booths. All designs include all of the associated necessary ancillary components to create balanced, hygienic and safe operating air distribution systems, such as explosion relief systems, chemical scrubber units and high level filtration.


MECHON have provided safe, clean and effective system designs to the following companies: Scott Bader Ltd, Napp Pharmaceuticals and Henkel UK Ltd.