Product research and development in the UK has been going from strength to strength, with annual spending increasing by 40% over recent years. The topic of ‘Research and Development’ covers a broad range of industries and processes – from the initial conception of a product through to how to best dispose of it and all stages of its life in between.

The push for the production of cleaner, greener, safer and more economically viable products has placed a requirement for manufacturers to consider not only the final product they produce, but the manufacturing process, the materials used and where they are sourced from.

MECHON have played an active role in the Research and Development field over a range of industries and have an extensive library of innovative and custom solutions. Examples of these are fire rated clean rooms for the aerospace industry to test wing coating materials, to negatively pressured enclosures for the production of paint products and small scale local extraction for fire rating testing. MECHON can also provide a range of fume cupboards.

MECHON customers within the Research and Development field: Universal Laboratories, E-Leather Ltd. Please refer to our Case Studies for more details.