Solvent LEV System

Solution:                  Fume LEV System Client:  Performance Car Manufacturer   The client manufactures carbon-fibre parts for the high performance road and Formula 1 racing vehicles. Various solvent cleaners, mould release agents, and adhesives are utilised throughout the production process. Due to the annual solvent usage exceeding two tonnes per annum, the Client required a permit to operate in accordance with the Solvents Emissions Directive and the LAPPC Regulations. (more…)

Styrene Fume LEV System

Solution:       Local Exhaust Ventilation Client:          ACO Technologies MECHON were commissioned to resolve the clients ongoing issues relating to overexposure of employees to the harmful effects of styrene vapours, and non-compliance with the PPC Regulations 2000. (more…)

Aerospace Machining Dust Extraction System

Solution: Dust Extraction System Client:      GKN Aerospace, Luton   MECHON was commissioned to design and project manage a dust extraction system to control explosive dusts generated by a CNC Milling process. The materials being machined by the Client are temperature sensitive, so MECHON paid particular attention to the design approach used for dust capture.   The CNC enclosure was placed under a total extraction of 1,270m3/hr with a system of air-bleeds to give the operator some limited control over the introduction of ambient air into the enclosure (whilst at the same time maintaining the correct conveying velocities in the ductwork system required under the CoSHH regulations). In accordance with the ATEX Directive and DSEAR (2002) regulations, the system design incorporated explosion protection suitable for a dust with a KST value < 200bar.m.s-1. A fully automated reverse jet filter was installed with an explosion relief panel, a strengthened ductwork system and explosion isolation valve to prevent a…

Rubber Coating LEV System

Solution: Solvent Fume LEV System Client :                            Flint Group The DUCO division of the Flint Group are world leaders in the manufacture of offset printing blankets, The blankets are produced on a series of coating lines in which a solvent-rich rubber compound is added to a fabric carcass. The blankets are heated within the coatings lines, resulting in large amounts of solvents being emitted. (more…)

Laboratory Fume Cupboards

Solution: Fume Cupboard LEV System Client:                           Henkel Limited Part of a multi national group of companies, Henkel Loctite Adhesives manufactures and supplies various adhesives, solders and sealant products from its Hemel Hempstead site. With its state-of-the-art laboratory facility, Henkel are able to remain at the forefront of research, development and quality. (more…)

Epoxy Resin Fume Extraction System

Solution:         Downdraft LEV System Client:              Accuracy International   The Client utilises various epoxy resins within their high technology manufacturing facility in Portsmouth. The Epoxy resins are used to glue components together in small batches. Jigs and fixtures are employed to hold components while they set before further processing. MECHON were commissioned to deign system to provide protection to employees with an effective fume extraction system without impeding workflow. Down-draft workbench hoods were installed on two work benches to provide solvent fume extraction directly below the glue application zone. The use of a perforated worktop allows un-impeded access to jigs and parts whilst at the same time providing a flat area for parts to be laid out to dry. The design also allows the perforated top to be removed for cleaning in the event of a spill. Acrylic side baffles were used to allow unrestricted lighting and…