Drinks Filling & Packing Facility Cooling

Solution: Evaporative Cooling Systems Client:             Coca Cola Enterprises   Ambient temperatures in excess of 35oC were being experienced by the Client within the facility. The facility was also under a large negative pressure, not conducive to food production. The existing ventilation systems were shown to be ineffective, resulting in an uncomfortable working environment for staff. Controls and monitoring of ventilation systems were also inadequate (or non-existing). MECHON was commissioned to design and project manage supply and extract systems to overcome the issues raised. Air is introduced to the facility through two evaporative cooling units and four separate general supply AHU’s. Transfer fans are  positioned within division walls of the facility, to ensure all area receive the full distribution of air. Roof fans were installed to remove any excess warm air at high level. A central management control panel is installed with plc control and HMI display. The unit ensures that all systems are…

Aerospace Cleanroom HVAC System

Solution:   Cleanroom HVAC System Client:      GKN Aerospace, Luton   GKN Aerospace planned to reconfigure and upgrade their cleanroom facility to an ISO Class 8 specification, part of a program to upgrade their manufacturing capability.   MECHON was commissioned to design an air handling system complete with electrical control systems to achieve an ISO Class 8 Cleanroom standard for the new facility. Improvements in filtration efficiencies, air distribution, temperature and humidity control were required.  Heating and cooling loads were also calculated to accommodate the position of equipment and staff within the cleanroom. An AHU was installed on structural steelwork above the new cleanroom and a complex ductwork system of supply and extract was designed to provide the correct distribution of air throughout the facility.  A positive pressure of +20Pa is maintained at all times inside the cleanroom with the adjacent airlocks maintained at +10Pa. Conditioned air is supplied through a series of HEPA…

Laboratory Air Conditioning System

Solution:  Air Conditioning Systems Client:                      Henkel Limited   As part of the production of lead solder cream, Henkel Loctite are required to mix lead powder and flux agents within a controlled environment, ensuring consistency in product temperature and moisture content throughout the process. (more…)

Evaporative Cooling Systems for Warehouse

Solution: Evaporative Cooling Systems Client:                             Amazon.co.uk   Ambient temperatures in excess of 45oC were being experienced within picking towers, located within the main warehouse facility. The high temperatures were caused by excessive heat loads generated by people, lighting and mechanical conveyors.  Existing ventilation systems were shown to be ineffective at creating a comfortable working environment for staff . MECHON was commissioned to design project manage heat extraction and supply air cooling systems to overcome the issues raised. Air conditioning and evaporative cooling systems where considered as potential solutions. It was agreed that evaporative cooling would be most cost effective and energy efficient way forward, when considering that maximum acceptable temperatures within the workplace could be up to 25oC. Evaporative cooling systems were installed to supply cool air to four mezzanine levels within the pick tower. The chilled air was discharged onto each floor through a series of diffusers mounted within an extensive ductwork system. A series of roof ventilation fans were also installed to extract warm air from the building (with the…

Warehouse Heating Systems

Solution: Gas-Fired Heating Systems Client:                         Charpak Group Charpak is a leading manufacturer of vacuum formed packaging products, supplying to large supermarkets, DIY outlets, and retail chains. (more…)

Heating & Ventilation of Recycling Sorting Facility

Solution:  Heating & Ventilation System Client:        Viridor Waste Management   Viridor Waste Management provides materials recycling facilities to local authorities, diverting waste from landfill sites. Waste is sorted into designated areas, dependant on its composition. The sorting process involves bulk waste travelling at high speeds within an enclosed sorting plant. (more…)