High Vacuum and materials conveying systems rely on high pressure air movement equipment to convey dusts, powders and recycling materials from a variety of manufacturing processes to a central collection point.

MECHON are leading specialists in the design of high vacuum extraction and conveying systems, boasting high quality projects across a variety of industries that include automotive, chemicals, print, packaging, aerospace and metal foundries.

High Vacuum Systems

High vacuum systems are designed to clean or remove dusts generated during manufacturing processes, predominantly in the form of high vacuum dust extraction systems or centralised vacuum cleaning systems.High vacuum dust extraction systems are design to provide a high pressure, low volume suction on the inlet to the system (usually to high speed tooling). These dusts are then extracted to specialised high pressure filtration plant..Centralised vacuum cleaning systems are designed to either clean surfaces from unwanted and unsafe dusts or convey powder spillages to a central collection point.

Material Conveying (Waste Extraction) Systems

Commonly referred to as waste extraction systems, this technology forms a crucial part of many manufacturing processes where waste materials need to be removed and conveyed at high speed to a central collection point. MECHON are the proven industry leaders in designing high quality recycling and waste handling systems to the print, recycling, paper production, packaging, canning and food industries.MECHON specialise in the deisgn of ‘lean phase’ materials conveying, that being where the conveying air makes up the majority of mass within the ductwork and pipework systems.