Industrial heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems play a vital role in ensuring effective climate control within warehouses, production and manufacturing facilities. A common misconception within the manufacturing sector is that commercial HVAC consultants and contractors are able to apply their skills to what can be very complex solutions. Industrial and manufacturing environments require specialist knowledge and bespoke solutions to deal with problems which are specific to a Client’s process or working environment.  MECHON are proven experts in the design of HVAC systems for applications that range from single laboratory climate control to large-scale manufacturing facility heating and ventilation.

Our service extends from specialist consulting and support to full project management and commissioning. Our team of qualified BEng and MEng Mechanical Engineers are fully conversant with the relevant building codes, British standards and building services guidelines. With this team, MECHON are to provide solutions that are not only effective, innovative and energy efficient, but also practical and cost effective.

Getting our team involved at the earliest stages of a project enables us to provide truly expert advice, as well as to ensure that our designs match your requirements perfectly.

Facility Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

A number of manufacturing facilities and commercial warehouses require heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to provide controlled climates for people comfort or product quality. These facilities may require our specialist knowledge of the production equipment and processes, including how these processes interact with any proposed HVAC system. System designs include standard gas/oil heating systems, radiant/infra-red heating, centralised air conditioning plant, make-up air systems, or building destratification systems.

Evaporative Cooling Systems

Evaporative cooling systems offer a cost effective alternative to air conditioning, in applications where mere comfort cooling is required and where there is no need for closed temperature control. Evaporative cooling systems are a proven solution within the food, aerospace, logistics and general manufacturing industries.

Process Heat Extraction Systems

Most manufacturing processes produce vast amounts of heat which needs to be removed from the facility. In today’s world of energy efficient buildings, there is now even less chance of this heat escaping through the building fabric, leaving many internal environments unbearable to work in during warm summer months. In many cases, simple extraction of heat from the process will create a more comfortable working environment, without the need for cooling. Many designers fail to consider this when designing a system and tend to provide cooling where it is not necessarily required. MECHON’s reputation within this field includes facility roof extraction systems, canopy hood extraction systems, ducted systems for air compressors, make-up air systems for vacuum pumps, and steam extraction systems for vessels and pasteurisers.

Cleanroom HVAC Systems

Cleanrooms operate under very strict internal air conditions that require HVAC systems to not only provide close-band temperature limits, but also humidity control and very high efficiency filtration. The HVAC systems are to delivery air change rates that are far in excess of normal building conditions, to ensure a low particle count for applications such a high quality product manufacture or scientific and medical research. Mechon have a proven record in cleanroom design within the electronics, aerospace and pharmaceutical industries.

Product/Process Cooling & Humidity Control Systems

A wide variety of manufacturing processes require air cooling systems to either cool the product or operatives. Localised chilled air systems provide critical cooling for product storage. Cooling tunnels may be utilised to shock cool the product for further processing or storage. Facility-wide HVAC systems may prove expensive in instances where heat generation is limited to specific areas – MECHON may instead choose to utilise localised spot-cooling to ensure that personnel remain comfortable during warm summer months.

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