Advances in high speed production equipment which produce large amounts of waste materials has led to the need for continuous extraction of these materials. MECHON work across a variety of industries, delivering specialist waste extraction system technology to allow improvements production efficiencies, logistics, and increase profits on recycled materials.

Waste extraction systems are crucial for the efficient management of materials in the print, paper, corrugated, carton, board and can industries. Waste handling systems are designed to entrain materials at source, chop if necessary, and conveying to a centralised collection point, using air as the conveying medium. The main components of these systems include:

  • Purpose designed extraction hoods, feeders, or belt conveyors
  • System of high-level, heavy gauge ductwork for material conveying
  • Chopper fans for airflow generation and breaking down of waste materials
  • Air separator to separate waste materials from the conveying air stream
  • Compactor or baler unit for waste collection and compression
  • Rotary airlocks to prevent pressurisation of collection unit
  • Filtration plant for the filtering of dusts from the conveying air stream
  • Air recirculation system for recovery of heat back into the facility
  • Briquetter for compaction of filtered dusts

MECHON has a proven track record in the handling of waste materials from the following equipment and processes:

  • Perfect binding lines
  • 3-Knife trimmers
  • Saddle stitchers
  • Web presses
  • Guillotines
  • Folders
  • Slitters and rewinders
  • Corrugating lines
  • Flat-bed die-cutters
  • Rotary die-cutters