Fierce competition, rising production costs and stringent hygiene requirements – these are the significant challenges facing food and beverage companies today.

Protecting human health is a major concern for governments throughout the world and food production is one area that is strictly regulated to avoid all possible risks associated with potential contamination. Un-ventilated manufacturing environments will often contain air with a high temperature and humidity content, an ideal breeding ground for microbiological bacteria. With outdoor air carrying 200 to 1,500 bacteria per cubic metre, an un-filtered ventilation system with a capacity of 10,000 m3/h can potentially supply 2 to 15 million bacteria each hour and seriously contaminate food & beverage products, making the situation worse.

MECHON has given our Clients in the industry a competitive advantage by consistently improving the working environment and system performance in critical areas by supplying filtered cooling and ventilation systems, VOC fume extraction systems, energy recovery systems, dust extraction systems and odour abatement systems. We make a direct impact on our Clients’ success by integrating our systems seamlessly into the production environment, with the minimal amount of disruption to processes.

MECHON supports a comprehensive portfolio of food and beverage applications, supplying to Clients such as Coca Cola Enterprises, Cott Beverages, The Jordans & Ryvita Company and Molson Coors among others. Please refer to our Case Studies for more details.