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The UK has a significant history in the motoring industry, and the continued development of the industry is showing signs of growth. Domestic vehicles however are not only the automotive industry that the UK features heavily in – motor sports have a number of well established and successful teams that are based here.

Many of the processes involved in the manufacture of automotive parts generate atmospheres that are undesirable for operatives working in or around them. This can range from the gases emitted from the smallest welded components to the paint fumes generated when spraying panelling. Fortunately, MECHON has a solution to cater for all of these scenarios.

MECHON have extensive knowledge and practice in the provision of safe working environments for all parts of the automotive industry, designing bespoke capture hoods, spray booths and chemical storage booths to both the sports and domestic markets.

As part of the complete package that MECHON provide there are also expertise in the safe handling and filtering of unwanted air by products, which can be incorporated into any of the custom systems designs to suit the Clients requirements.

MECHON have provided many successful designs to the following multi-national automotive companies: Mclaren Automotive, Honda, Jaguar

Case Studies

Formula 1

Dust Control System for Alumnium SLM Facility

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Transport Research Lab

Road Surface Test Lab LEV Systems

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Wet Scrubbing

Removal of harmful gases from flammability testing facility

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How We Work.....

With our in-house team of technical experts, we are able to delivery complex high-technology solutions, within strict cost and time constraints. We are able to consider all aspects of the project to ensure that the operation of processes or supporting services are not affected by the introduction of new systems.


We work with our clients to develop the initial strategic brief. This brief is then evolved into conceptual and final design specification.

Project Management

Our management procedures have evolved with our experience to delivery projects on time and on budget.



We verify the design and equipment selections of contractor and validate any installations to ensure their correct and safe operation.