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DSEAR is the UK’s implementation of the European Union’s Directives on Explosive Atmospheres and Chemical Agents. Part of the Chemical Agents Directive, and all of the Explosive Atmosphere Directives were combined in the UK to produce the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002.

Mechon is able to carry out assessments to determine the likelihood of an explosion occurring due to a manufacturing process or system and provide guidance on prevention measures.

We are able to design systems that are able to either prevent explosions or mitigate the impact of an explosion occurs when it occurs within a system.

Case Studies

Explosion Suppression

Explosion suppression & chemical isolation on carbon fibre dust systems

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Venting & Isolation

Explosion relief and passive isolation system for carbon fibre dust extraction

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How We Work.....

With our in-house team of technical experts, we are able to delivery complex high-technology solutions, within strict cost and time constraints. We are able to consider all aspects of the project to ensure that the operation of processes or supporting services are not affected by the introduction of new systems.


We work with our clients to develop the initial strategic brief. This brief is then evolved into conceptual and final design specification.

Project Management

Our management procedures have evolved with our experience to delivery projects on time and on budget.



We verify the design and equipment selections of contractor and validate any installations to ensure their correct and safe operation.