Case Study

Universal Laboratories

Flammability Testing Facility

Safety in Mind

Universal Laboratories are a multi-national company that undertakes safety analysis’ on a wide range of manufactured products, most notably with electrical devices and components, but can also be involved in the fire and chemical stability of a great many consumer items.

UL utilises a flame testing room to test the flammability of various materials to ensure that products meets the relevant safety standards. The facility requires rapid evacuation of smoke in order to protect employees working outside the enclosure and guarantee a set time period for full clearance of airborne contaminants.

The local environmental protection office required any exhausted air to be sufficiently cleaned from harmful substances before discharge to atmosphere.
A packed-tower wet scrubber system is used to filter any harmful components. The scrubber operates by passing the the dirty gas stream across a scrubbing liquid, with the particulate being collected in the scrubbing liquid. An automated dosing system serves to control the PH level of the scrubbing liquid, ensuring limited maintenance downtime.

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