Case Study

Fareva/Boots Contract Management

Pharmaceutical Cleanroom 

Demanding Flawless Quality

Fareva commissioned Mechon to design a HVAC system for a Grade D cleanroom. The room required close temperature and humidity control for product quality purposes. 

Cross contamination was prevented using a pressure cascade between the process, change and packaging rooms. The cascade between was achieved using constant air volume (CAV) units operating within the ductwork system to each room; self-controlled and independent to the BMS.

An air handling unit was selected with primary (EU4), secondary (EU7) filtration and final stage absolute filtration (HEPA H13). The absolute filters utilised a bag-in-bag-out (safe change) facility. 

The AHU provides cooling through a chilled water heat exchanger, located upstream of a LTHW heating coil.
The entire system is controlled by a dedicated building and environmental monitoring system (BMS).
The detail within the design resulted in very little requirement for system setup during commissioning, allowing rapid validation for immediate use.

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