Case Study

Explosive Technology

The Client develops and manufacture components for their Formula 1 race team.

Four large reverse-jet filters located two floors underground provide filtration for carbon and aluminium dusts from a range of machines.

MECHON was commissioned to undertake a DSEAR assessment of the existing installation dust control systems, and found that these filter units did not have any form of explosion prevention or mitigation fitted, despite handling ST1 level explosive dusts.

Due to the potential risk to personnel, to the building structure and the potential impact of down-time, an explosion suppression solution was selected. Detectors and suppression systems were retro-fitted each filter unit; in accordance with the ATEX Directive and DSEAR (2002) regulations. The system design incorporated explosion protection suitable for a dust with a KST value < 200bar.m.s-1.

MECHON re-designed the filter inlets with explosion rated ductwork. Chemical isolation barriers were used to protect against the propagation of a flame front and pressure wave entering the workplace in the event of an explosion.

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